Miami Heat Fil-Am coach Spoelstra back in Philippines

Proud of his roots as a Filipino, Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra returned to the Philippines for a week-long promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the young. “I’m excited [about] teaching basketball and fitness,” said Spoelstra who is in the country to spearhead the NBA FIT program. “I want to make an impact to as many people as possible,” he added. Spoelstra who visited the country last year would be conducting basketball clinics along with his assistant coach David Fizdale at SM North Edsa, Far Eastern University and De La Salle University from August 7 to 10. On August 12, Spoelstra is also scheduled to visit his mother’s hometown, San Pablo, Laguna to share the fundamentals of basketball to locals. “Coming home to San Pablo (Laguna) would probably be emotional and meaningful,” said Spoelstra, adding, “It’s an opportunity to give back.” Aside from basketball, the NBA FIT program would hold urban fitness training, dance training, running clinic, hydration seminar, nutrition seminar, and cooking classes at SM North Edsa. For the schedule, kindly check NBA FIT’s website. The NBA FIT program promotes physical activity, nutrition, and making healthy choices, according to Edward Winkle, NBA Asia’s senior director for business development and marketing partnerships. Spoelstra said Filipinos are known to be very passionate about basketball but it should be complemented by fitness education. “Being fit would allow you to make not just healthy choices but social choices,” said Spoelstra.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia: What do you do first thing in the morning?

NPPA ImagesEric Spoelstra: I’ve tried to build a habit of working out in the morning depending on the schedule. But I’d like to get some kind of sweat, ideally, 45 minutes to an hour. Running, biking, lifting something that charged up my mind before breakfast

Y!: What is your usual breakfast?

ES: Three eggs, wheat toast, oatmeal, and a cup of coffee. I don’t change my breakfast very often.

Y!: Would you recommend doing exercise in the morning or in the afternoon?

ES: In the ideal world, it’s best for people to exercise in the morning, to jumpstart your day. It keeps your blood flowing. I think my brain works better. It doesn’t always work out that way so I work out in the afternoon. During the season, on game days, it’s part of my ritual. I work out in the afternoon. So, in the game, I’m kinda relax.

Y!: What do you do when you work out?
ES: During workout, I usually just drink water.

Y!: After workout?
ES: Sometimes I take protein supplements. But for a meal, I just keep it pretty simple. I like salads heavy with vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, and some kind of chicken or fish on top.

Y!: How does it feel to be the first Filipino in NBA right now?
ES: I take a lot of pride on that. My heritage is very important to me. Hopefully, it would open doors for Filipinos, not exclusively but to anyone who has a dream, a passion.

Y!: But do you think it’s possible for another Filipino to enter the NBA?
ES: Sure. Why not? The game is becoming so global. The basketball players are coming from every region in the world. We scout every country, every city as possible. That’s an advantage here in the
Philippines since the Filipinos have the passion for basketball. People start playing at a young age. It really just take a dream, a vision at the right time and at the right place.

Y!: Pat Riley said that you were born to coach. What did Pat see in you to make him say something like that?
ES: I’m honored first of all that he would say something like that–that he has confidence in me to hold this position with the Miami Heat. I think factors were trust and develop a strong relationship with coach Riley. Familiarity and continuity were important in his decision on whom he wanted to be the next head coach when he stepped down so I take a lot of pride that he chose me but also, I understand that it’s a big responsibility and I take that seriously.

Y!: How’s the dynamic of Miami Heat now that Lebron James has joined the team?
ES: Well, we’re very excited and looking forward to the season. It’s 54 days away. This week, we’re focusing in this NBA FIT and that’s why I’m here. Once the week is done, then that’s the time to get prepared.

Y!: If ever you come to a situation where you have to give a last minute play shot, who would you give it to? Dwayne Wade or Lebron James?
ES: We’ll be able to make those decisions in 54 days.

By Izah Morales and Jason Domantay, Yahoo! Southeast Asia


One Response to “Miami Heat Fil-Am coach Spoelstra back in Philippines”

  1. The thing i really like about this is that Coach Spoelstra is being proud of where he is from, and having to compete at the highest level of the game of basketball.Hopefully in my time,i can see another Filipino player played in the NBA game as a superstar international players like Tony Parker,Dirk Nowitzki or Yao Ming.As He said in his interview “It really just take a dream, a vision at the right time and at the right place”. This really make me proud of being a Filipino…

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