Baybeats Singapore 2010

I know its way to late to post this,but I’ve been very very busy this couple of weeks ago.Baybeats Singapore is an annual 3-day alternative music festival organized by Esplanade. It showcases various local acts as well as regional and international artistes.I attend the 2nd day of the event, looking forward to watch The Camerawalls, an indie band from the Philippines, and Chicosci.My very good and kind house mate Carl lend Me his dslr camera.The program is already started when I arrive, there is a street performance going on,its like walking along on a kids dream as there were clowns, drum and bugle, fairies, cheerleader like costumes, and some strange looking warriors.I took some shots and immediately go to check the concert stages.There were three stages,one is Baybeats Arena (Outdoor Theatre), Powerhouse Stage (The Edge), and the Chillout Stage (Concourse). Additionally, there is a series of magazine-style interview sessions at the Observation Deck (Library@Esplanade).

you know what to do…


The first band I watch is a band called “Santamonica” from Indonesia.Their sound is a eclectic mix of electronica/jazz/pop/synths.I really enjoy watching their sets because its been a while since I watch a live act (not counting the show bands from the clubs that I’ve been to).


After this I went to another platform stages,the  Powerhouse Stage, there I watch “An Honest Mistake” an rock/pop band from Malaysia. A good band also and a very cute gurl on vocals, plus I also manage to have a free stickers from the band.Too bad, the free cd’s they giving away for free is thrown way out of my direction (feel sorry for the girl who was hit in the arms by a flying cd case). After this I decided to take a break and just watch the people building up. I got a free Tetra Pak distilled water (I think I took 6 packs of it, I drink the two and the taste is quite awful)  a “Y Fest Singapore” button pin ( I think the Auntie on the booth is having a second thought on giving it to me), and 3 “Singtel” beach face towel.

An Honest Mistake

After this, a band called “Lunarin” is on the stage.A pretty chick on bass  with  two dudes on drums and guitar.A Singaporean band playing a heavy/rock/electronica.I was really amaze by Linda Ong bass playing skills, and with that pretty angelic face, playing metal tunes, heck!My  eyes and ears is on heavenly state. After this set, I decided to grab a snack first, a buttered corn and a tetra pak water. I sit along beside a bench and delightfully  admire the well light Singapore sky scrappers.

Linda Ong of Lunarin


After this, I quickly headed to go the Powerhouse stage to get a good camera position, because Ive already seen so many photographers and i don’t want to take a picture of someone’s head or camera all the time.After a few minutes, Chicosci started their sets, and this what I didn’t expect to happen.The crowd went nuts,the crowd slowly forming a mosh pit,and after a couple of minutes,WHAM!there is a big mosh pit on the center, there’s a lot of throwing punches and crowd surfing.I feel sorry for some of the gurls who got hit by the crowd surfers, some of the Filipina audiences in front of me got kick in the head,(ouch!) I just told them to move on the back because it will be get worse if they decided to stay put. By this time, I just enjoy the great music and crowds going on, I really wanted to join the mosh circle, but i was holding a camera, so i just decided to pogo jump and head bang along with the crowd. What really excite me is watching the mosh crowd running  building up a big circle slowly,then faster and faster, inching closer and closer to the center, and then chaos break at the middle.At this moment Miggy Chavez scream loudly “don’t break the circle!!!!!”.And the crowd goes wild again.I really enjoy the Chicosci sets because I missed my good old days of crowd moshing and I was really surprised that Ill experience it again here in SG.The crowds also was very happy after the sets as they took a break for a while,waiting for the next band.


Miggy Chavez of Chicosci

in the middle of it…

Clem Castro

The Camerawalls

I quickly headed to the “Arena” stage to catch The Camerawalls.I still manage to get a good camera angle position even though the seats is already full.But by this time, I’m a bit tired and exhausted after the Chicosci sets as I was having a difficult time to get a good shots of the band and the bands vocalist Clementine, as he was moving all the time during the performance.The stage lightning also is a not helping as it was all pointed towards my angle.But after a couple (okay, a dozen!) of tries, I manage to get a good photos.At this point i decided not to take any more pictures and just relax and enjoy the sounds Of Camerawalls in which they really perform very well.The crowd loves the sets and cheerfully  appreciated the band.After this I straight ahead at the backstage hoping to catch a glimpse of the band especially Clementine.There I met Clamentine, at first he thought I was a Singaporean, but I proudly talk to him in straight Bulakenyo  Tagalog (hehehe). I introduce my self to him and congratulate him for having a wonderful performance and told him I also live in Bulacan.I gladly took a picture of him and talk for a while with a Singaporean who thought that the bands songs are all cover songs, and Clementine proudly explains that the only song they cover on this sets is only one song  from “the Smiths”, in which they acknowledge before they start the song.After a couple of minutes,with a shirt drench wet with sweat, a messed up shoes and jeans, a lost eyeglass (of which I’m not proud to say, I lost it on Chicosci sets without knowing it, and with all the raucous  mosh pit that’s going on,good luck on finding it…huhuhu).I decided to call Amihan if she was already going home from a birthday party she attended to,and she was.So I decided to end my Baybeats experience and call it a day, with an aching legs and a very very happy smile,I meet Amihan on City Hall mrt station and cheerfully tell the story of what happened a while ago.I’m looking forward to next year Baybeats events, and hopefully there is more famous band acts that will play and more Filipino bands included on the line up , and hopefully by this time I have my own dslr camera with a good zoom lens…enjoy the pics and “dont break the circle!!!!!!!”

Eohan Zion Landayan

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